When I was in adoration with Christ the other day, I was meditating on a few P’s I need in life: Peace, Patience, and Perseverance. These 3 P’s underlie my fundamental, daily needs. These are the things I seek and that I feel I could always use more of. But then another P popped into my head as I lie awake in bed recently. PERSPECTIVE. And with this perspective, came an acronym for what my perspective should be: FOWIA (Focus On What Is Above). And that, my friend, can set a whole new tone for your daily existence and daily checklist of needs and to-do’s. When we change our outlook to that of a heavenly one, our perspective shifts. The here and now looks different. What we value and how we handle daily struggles change. This life is very temporal. Any suffering we must endure is very temporary to the eternal joy that we hope to have with Christ in Heaven. I can find more peace, patience, and perseverance knowing that this life is but a small stepping stone to the path of everlasting peace and solace.

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