Can I copyright the thoughts in my head??

My vulnerable, about me post:

Let’s get real here…I am not a magical unicorn that prances around sprinkling fairy dust every day. My upbeat, bubbly self may make people think that about me. In all honesty, I am raw and a little broken. I have an anxiety that at times can be crippling. One that structures/burdens my every day life. I have sought help for it multiple times and read and tried different things. But so far, I am not cured. And maybe I will never fully be. And I’ll have to be okay with that.  I have gone through hardships and trials and despair. But despite all of that and also because of it, l possess something wonderful: JOY. Joy that comes from the struggle, joy that can see the positive and the miracles during the murkiness and sludginess of life. A joy that knows there are moments of brightness, of wonder, of absolute delight.

And I wish to share that joy with you and you and you way back there! I wish to spread it to everyone I meet. That is why smiling is my favorite =)
In life, we all strive to find our purpose. And we think we won’t find it until we find something of grandeur proportions, setting ablaze the world. But what if your purpose wasn’t to be a ocean, but just a small ripple? One small ripple that touches and creates other ripples that splashes around and creates waves. You may feel like what you do is insignificant, but the truth is, it is not. And you are not insignificant. And what if instead of focusing on the bigness of our purpose, we focused on the heart and how much love we poured into it? Then, truly, every small action becomes a beautiful, very significant thing.
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