The Lord is my light

The Lord is my light. The Lord is my rock and my salvation. These are the words I was playing over and over in my head a couple of Sundays back when I was struggling with my anxiety in the morning. Then at Mass, we sang ‘The Lord is My Light’ song:

The Lord is my light, my help, my salvation. Why should I fear? With God I fear no one. God protects me all my life. With the Lord what should I dread?

I love when there are these moments. They may seem small, but it is through them that I can see the Holy Spirit moving in my life. It is important to recognize God moments in your life big or small. He is always active in your life and the more you realize and believe that, the more you see Him.

Light of my life, move in me, through me, around me. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. Be my source of strength and comfort. May I turn to You often in praise and gratitude. May others see Your light in me that they too may know and love You. Amen.

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