O! To be a toddler! Toddlers are so lucky. They get to experience amazing things almost every. single. day. Because they are still new to the world, ordinary things are extraordinary in their eyes and minds. And the really awesome thing, too, is that they are comprehending so much more and are constantly processing information and developing into amazing lil human beings.

I wonder what it would be like to be their brain. I can imagine the gray growing mass saying, ‘Mayday! Mayday! Information overload! But don’t stop!! Must have more!! Everything is so exciting and fun and new!!’. Those lil brains are so spoiled because they have all these wonderful experiences that our adult brains are just like, ‘Meh, same old, same old!’.

My toddler for example, who just recently turned 3, gets so much joy out of every day. Yesterday, I painted her finger and toe nails for the first time!! I know, I know, I am so not a girlie girlie. She is 3 and just now getting her nails painted. But I think that is okay! I actually just painted my nails for the first time in a few years hence the reason she wanted her nails painted. Her fingernails have pink on them while her toes boast a trio of colors: blue, pink, and green! She was so happy and couldn’t wait to show her daddy! And then today! We went to the dollar store and she got her very own handy handy notebook! (It is actually handy dandy from Blues Clues, but she likes to say handy handy 😂) She just recently got into Blues Clues and has been having so much playing along and figuring out what Blue wants to do while learning about many other awesome things along the way with the help of Steve, Blue, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Pail, Shovel, Slipper, Side Table Drawer, Mailbox, Magenta, and more! (so many friends!! and they are so helpful too!!)



Life, as a toddler, is awesomesauce!! But even if you are not a toddler, your life can just be as awesomesaucy as their lives are!! Just because our physical age keeps going up, doesn’t mean our hearts have too! That is why I try my best to keep a childlike heart.

When you have a childlike heart, not only do you get to experience so many more awesome everyday moments, but you get the opportunity to be more open, humble, and vulnerable just like a child. You take more risks (not talking daredevil in nature like jumping out of an airplane/first thing that came to my mind!). But more risks with your heart. Instead of burying yourself under past hurts and not trusting anyone, you can take risks anyway by loving others with a vulnerable, sincere, and gentle love. Sure, there are still going to be times in which you will get hurt again, but think about the abundant good that can be produced from it too! You can help so many other people including yourself experience love and hope and joy and excitement that all of these awesome toddlers are running around experiencing!!

So go out there! Seize the day! And enjoy the little moments! Maybe even a little color on your hands or in the sky? It truly is awe-inspiring and awe-some!!!





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